The Glass Darkly Novels

The Glass Darkly Gothic Vampire Series

First time online publication as an ongoing series.

The first three Volumes are now available to buy.

Volume 1: Within the Glass Darkly

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Nineteenth century Paris. A spate of gruesome murders has everyone gripped with fear as the killer continues to terrorise the city. There are rumours that a murderous ‘beast’ is stalking the streets of Paris at night…

A mysterious nobleman and his sister enter the lives of the Perrodon family and their friends. The unwary Parisians are about to encounter the terrifying reality of a darker world that will tear their young lives apart.

One man already knows the identity and true nature of the ‘beast’. He is also aware of an ancient vendetta against members of the Perrodon family. Only his knowledge and experience stands between them and their mutual nemesis.

Review Highlights – Amazon:

“This is an Amazing Book”

“Good story, interesting characters. A nice take on the vampire genre.”

“Classic Gothic Horror”

“…a very good read”

“Vampire story with a definite kick”


Volume 2: Dracula – The Devil’s Nosferatu

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Until the nineteenth century, scant information existed concerning the ethereal species, known as Nosferatu, Vampire or the un-dead. These were the earliest of times in which modern man battled a very ancient enemy.

Only distorted mythical accounts survived in East European and Celtic folklore that gave any clue to the existence of humanity’s past battles with the preternatural creatures.

Sparse methodology remained of the procedures employed to counter their attacks. This was the age of discovery for those few brave individuals that dared to confront the damned perpetrators of a hellish plague.


Review Highlights – Amazon:

“If you enjoy Gothic horror stories you’re bound to like this”

“An absorbing and interesting read, I look forward to the next installment.”

“I look forward to more work from him. Excellent.”


Volume 3: The Vampire Incarnate

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Spielsdorf, Van Helsing and their ‘friends in the fight’ continue to do battle with the un-dead during the latter part of the nineteenth century.

Circumstances force an uneasy alliance between vampires and humans, when a Nosferatu warrior faction threatens the existence of both species. Salvation emerges in the guise of a unique child, the vampire incarnate.

Members of Spielsdorf’s convert society set out to ensure the infant’s survival, whilst facing their own preternatural trials.

Only with help from the guardian of the glass darkly, a former angel and a modicum of good fortune can they overcome the substantial odds against them succeeding in their task.


About the novels

This series of Gothic novels establishes the original 19th Century vampire hunter, General Spielsdorf, as one of the main protagonists in a new series of bloody adventures.

The continuing story traverses centuries of vampire lore and further reveals new aspects to the origin of the Nosferatu. The novels cover several eras, from ancient history to the 19th and later centuries. The author has also used details of historic events to enhance and develop the plot throughout the novels.

To some extent the books are an ongoing account of the Vampire as originally presented in Victorian literature, paying due homage to Le Fanu and Stoker. The novels deliberately mirror an earlier time in Gothic novel writing and recreate the original evil characters of ancient vampires, including those of Carmilla Karnstein and Vlad Dracula, for a modern readership.

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Dracula, the musical by Evans, Orton and Lynn

The Dracula Musical Concept Album

The concept album of the musical, Dracula, was our first commercial recording project as Sang De Vie Productions. The musical is by Gareth Evans and Christopher J. Orton, with orchestrations by the noted British composer and producer, Ian Lynn. This collaborative work accurately represents the dark Victorian world of Stoker’s novel whilst making a direct connection between the fictional vampire and historic figure, Vlad Tepes – Dracula. The work has been deliberately written with due consideration to the period and intention of the original 1897 novel.

Continuation of the Dracula Musical Project

In November, 2007, we produced a promotional video of the number, “Within My World” from the Dracula musical by Evans, Orton and Lynn. The professionally directed video was released on the internet in December to great acclaim and, within the first three months of 2008, had received many thousands of views on various video networking sites across the world-wide web.

More information about the recording of the new and complete professional musical, Dracula, by Evans, Orton and Lynn will be announced during 2016.

In the meantime, you can still buy the professionally produced concept CD of Dracula from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, the official Dracula musical website and many other online stores. The CD is also available from the Sound of Music store in Germany.



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